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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Islamophobia and Prince Charles

"fear, and accompanying hostility, towards the religion of Islam and its adherents, or by extension to predominantly Muslim cultures"

This phenomenon - despite both being disputed by some or used in multi-contexts by others - started to rise after Sep. 11, it is a phenomenon that I consider due to ignorance and Racism at the same time.
Islamophobia has been the target that whomever planned for 9/11, was wishing to enlarge the gap between the East and West, and we may have lengthy sessions to try to explore the motives behind it which can be convoluted, complicated and inter-related at the same time.

Prince Charles has been in many instances a big advocate of Anti-Islamophobia, and lately his visit to Egypt and to Al-Azhar further proven that.
I am a very strong commender of what Al-Azhar did: granting an honorary Doctorate for the prince, and I think - regardless of the motives - it is a great step.

One Interesting notice was that the Prince was holding "Sebha" during his visit all the times..!!!!!!!!!, the Princess sitting shoe-less is a great impact picture in the world of media if we knew how to use it.
The other interesting notice is that this royal visit has been largely under-expressed in most of the western media which gives us an idea about the real motives of this media.

Friday, March 10, 2006


They know us more than we know ourselves.

In this movie you would see the facts that everybody -but us- knows.