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Thursday, June 15, 2006

How to be an activist in 3 seconds

Just make a random mix of talks about the following:
1-Human Rights
2-Women Rights
3-Coptic Prosecution
4-Detained Bloggers
5-Random Personal Experiences
6-Sexual Freedom
7-Resenting Religions
8-Communism and socialist theories
9-Whatever topic others are talking about at the same time , e.g Judges...
10-Egypt is Not an Arabic country

P.S. : Try to use ambiguous vague terms as much as you can.


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

how so true :D

سامية said...

فكرتني بجملة في قصيدة على إسم مصر:

أحسنت في القول صحيح يا ولد يا متنبي
جبت اللي جوه الفؤاد عن مصر متعبي
وحكمت بالعدل لكن بعضنا انظلموا
"يا أمة ضحكت من جهلها الأمم".

Unfortunately some of these topics are becomming simply a "trend" these days as you pointed out... and that's sickening! But then again there are also people who truly believe in some of these matters and work hard on them.

وعلى رأي واحد صاحبنا: إحنا أصلنا عايشين في زمن اختلاط الأوراق

Sherif Nagib said...

بقى كده برضو يا راجل تنسى "الكلام عن جيفارا" و "تي شيرت جيفارا" و "بيريه جيفارا" و " لباس جيفارا" !

El3en Elsehrya said...

Unfortunately, YES, it is so true.

Thanks much for your valuable visit to the blog.
I know that there are lots of bloggers and Non-bloggers "Who are by the way the majority" who are real believers in their cause; whatever is the cause.
I specifically mentioned these 10 topics to point to those who do it as a trend or vogue and more importantly or seriously those who do it as a business, so if u talk about particular topics that serve particular agenda of a DONATING organisation, then this is the a big source of benefits and other things "Akl 3esh ya3ny".
Others may do it just to gain importance or leadership or whatever need in their deep mind...!!!!!
I am not trying to be judgmental, but even the freedom of speech itself had followed particular stereotypes and became a victim of monoply.

Where are you man ? Long time no see.
U know what ?, I was including Guevara and Alcohol in my list, but I removed them cause Abu Elleil has a similar post so I wanted to keep the post genuine.
Besides, I did not want to comment on a particular appearances but rather to a particular ideas.
By the way, yesterday, I went to our Irani friend in V..... , I am also packing and heading south where I came from.

johny bravo said...

so it's just talk & speech that can take you to activism path...what a life!! ur too true in that lot sof talks with no actions
do u think blogs are part of that ? speech of activists with no actions?

مختــــــــ العزيزي ــــــــار said...

this is true but we should differentiate between the honest fighters and false ones.

Zeinobia said...

100% true and agree on it

El3en Elsehrya said...

Dear Mokhtar,
Thanks for your valuable visit to the blog. I know that there are diffeneces between actual and false one, but , i think one of the reasons I created this list for is that nowadays you can not really make the distinction easily, you have just to follow the trend of a certain blogger to know, one other thing, I think I wanted also to point out that the intentions of some bloggers are no longer into activism, it is into other objectives, like fame, leadership, money, power, and more..........

El3en Elsehrya said...

Dear Zeinobia
I am happy that you agree, but I knew you will like this post, as I was mentioning in my comment to Mokhtar, you can know the blogger by his/her trend.

Dear Raghood
Absolutely, blogs are promoting talk talk talk, but we never walk the walk

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely true; Egyptians already have the talk talk talk in them, including me. I keep going on and on about how bad the country is, how women are treated with little respect, how sexual frustration fills the country, and how it should be easy to become the perfect, peaceful and developed country, but I never even try to fix the major flaws we have. I keep judging Egyptians, only forgetting that I’m an Egyptian who is just pretending not to be one. However, this stage that other people and I are at is a result of the accumulation of frustration and the lack of ability to act and express freely as well as the much deteriorated stage that the country has reached. Technological advances have surely progressed, and the high class sector (which is nothing in terms of quantity) has truly been westernized, but the mental aspect of the country hasn't progressed but is deteriorating day after day. Corruption is now readily available. How can religion, which is supposed to be the problem in many people's eyes, be the one to blame, when people are resorting to corruption to reduce the stress they are under? All this should be assessed really carefully and then serous action should be taken. But in my point of view, activists in Egypt have no major effect on the country; their activities are simply an act, also to release their frustration. This is why I’m all talk talk talk and I’m never eager to do the walk.