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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Transformational Diplomacy

Transformational Diplomacy

The name answers it all. This is the new diplomacy that is changing the American Foreign policy. Formal declaration of the new diplomacy was on January 18, 2006 in a speech by Condolezza Rice at George Town University.

The formal definition is probably as follows:

“It is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world. To achieve this bold mission, America needs equally bold diplomacy, a diplomacy that not only reports about the world as it is, but seeks to change the world itself “

What is relevant to us in Egypt, is to know that one of the tools of this policy called as “American Presence Post, APP” was operating in Egypt even before the policy is formally instituted. Those APP's were operating only in two places worldwide, Egypt and Indonesia. What is also relevant is that in the same day of introducing the policy, Dr. Rice appointed a new manager to the USAID...???!!! Any link between transformation and the money….??!!

When you go through the whole speech, you immediately realize how Americans are helping Democracy only if it serves their goals, nations have to share American values to get the help, and if you do not share the American values then they will try to make you share it. The US department of state is trying to change nations particularly those of special rule in their key regions; and it is not a secret that Egypt is on the frontline of this.
But this policy for the first time is a policy operating at the people or individual level, a policy that uses the tactics and dynamics of a “communist” active cell within the community that is trying to recruit more people to the cell. This takes the American diplomacy to a different level meaning that they are working probably among us right at this moment??

The interesting part of the speech to me is this:

It cannot be that the last three Secretaries of State -- the daughter of European immigrants, the son of Jamaican immigrants and a daughter of the American segregated South -- would be more diverse than the Foreign Service with which they work
I felt proud after I read that cause I mentioned in a previous post the fact that the last 2 secretary of states are colored is not just a co-incidence” .

Again and again, the saga continues and further proof on the intentions of the US shows again.
It is both disappointing and sad at the same time (at least for me), that I notice all of those people who are trying to hold the American values more than the American themselves. They believe, either rightfully or wrongfully - in a good faith or in a bad faith, that those values are going to help. They would....but not us.....not Egypt!!!!

We shall see………….


Boring Lips said...

I think you are taking the blog to the next level! This is a very good post.

A quick look at history brings out that the US always maintained a very pragmatic type of policies. Every era had its correpsonding claimed American principles. The claimed democracy is the new principle which allows the US to operate in the outside world to arrange it so that it serves the American interests.

The American policy has taken a different path since 9/11. The path is not different in principle rather it is different when it comes to methodologies and aims. If this is to spot a thing it feeds the confusion about 9/11 and it attracts my mind to think about who commetted that deed.

Along side with violant physical actions when appropriate - appropriate means that the US is capable of making such an action - there are more viloent forms of pressure that the US uses. The claimed democracy is an exmple. The American threat to the Russians made it clear. The US threatened Russia that she would raise the issue of democracy in russia unless Russia softens the speech tone about Iran to consolidate the American actions. The threat had its remarkable effects.

This was Russia, an important player in the international scene. So what about Egypt?! Egypt has been always submissive when such a threat was claimed. The real different issue is that the Egyptian regime is one of the best friends to the US. Simply, because the Egyptian regime facilitate hte American desired deeds.

The US uses the democracy issue as whip to use with a follower that may go astray out of its stupidity. If the demcracy issue were real, then why the US supports such a regime until now?

Sorry for the long comment, but your post is mouthwatering really!!

Boring Lips said...

This the second part, I told you it long!

If you want to enslave a human you have to either one of these:

a) Convince him/her that he/she is not really going to be a slave
b) or better still, convince him/her that slavery is a really good thing that he/she must be proud of it.

The example may be considered an extreme but it is still valid. What is the best way for the US to protect its interest and realise more benefits? Just as you said it, make them programmed Americans. Make those people in other nations think in the same way the Americans do. Convince them that the American values are what will make them free people and will bring benefits to them. Don't let them tell right from wrong, but implement a programme that validates what the US considers instead.

It is the same way the newly Egyptian devised dictatorship, which you pointed out in an older post, operates. One difference is present: control people by providing yourself as the savior not as the ruler. Allow people to harvest their plantings but don't tell them that under the soil there is a great treasure...hide it for yourself! This is how I see the American policy.

The US cannot implement such a procedure using the current regime:

firstly, in the eye of the public it won't be convincing becuase most Egyptians believe that the regime comes with no good, secondly, the US knows well about the quality of the thinking of most Egyptians now. This means let some youngies scream and shout opposition loud so that in the eye of the public and especially the thirst young they become heroes....let me complete....heroes for sale!!!

The US learnt how to go in diverse paths to achieve the very same thing. They use the regime and the public too! Let them kill each other boy....they both will become our sissies.

I am glad you posted this post. It is just awesome.

El3en Elsehrya said...

Got it...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!