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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

History of The Future

The most interesting thing about history is that it is a living past. The more we study it, the better we understand it. The better we understand it, the more astonished we become....and the more insight into the future we get. It is just our living past.

Marx and Engels horrified the whole world with their amazing theory about history. They stated that history is predominantly shaped by the struggle among social classes with regard to those classes at the extremes of the social order as the most efficacious parties. They brought the ever lasting struggle to light posing it as the writer of history. The theory was so revolutionary that it brought lots of the harshest debates ever found.

Anyway, this is not the end. Have you ever thought about machines? Their roles in life? Their importance and meaning to us? Well, I guess you have to work your mind on these questions a bit because they are hitting hard.

It is cyborg in the spot of light. Not typically as we know it from films and literature, but as science introduces it. Some state that we can really stop studying our history and begin to study the history of cyborg instead!! It is all about these giants we make....machines! How different it becomes when you consider a machine as an extension of your body?! How different will it be if you consider the relationship between you and machines as more important than the distinctions between you and them? I guess that you will find this relation a perfect example of integration! Well, cyborg is just about that. Cyborg is the study of this integration. Some prefer to really joint the machine with the body or even implant them in it. And some prefer to build artificial bodies giving them an interesting name...robots.

Life is now being haziest than ever before. Through studies of the body and control systems in machines some striking theories evolved. These theories study the body and machines as devices with similar – in essence – control systems. And through technology it is available to build robots that can be studied from psychological and social prospective as behavioural functioning entities! The aim is to mimic that complex brain so those robots may become really intelligent.

What may become of us?!


None said...

Robots will never be like humans because of the simple fact that humans are random in their thought process and the frequently make mistakes. You can't get a machine to think in the same pattern as humans. Also, the way a human being thinks is governed by what they feel at times and that for suree can not be done by a robot. Well at least thats what I think, I could be wrong.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

El3en Elsehrya said...

History, specially political history is written by winners, it might not be the true history.

Can machines have emotions ?

Boring Lips said...


There are some techniques that allow a robot to learn from fault and trial to satisfy its instincts - the only programmed behaviour. whenever the environment around the robot changes its behaviour and pattern of actions are changed accordingly. "His" behaviour could never be foreseen this way.

El3en Elsehrya:

Yes winners write the history in most cases, but also those winner are somewhat tightly related to some social class; its rights and so on.

I can't say whether robots will be able to feel or not. The aim is to "give" them the ability to reason things. The next aim is thinking on the whole. Feeling is an outcome of our biology I am not sure if it's associated with thinking/reasoning or not but I guess so. But it is an outcome of some bilogical construction for sure. We feel because we have the suitable systems that allow us to do so not because we simply..feel.

There are many kind of feelings though. Maybe the biological mechanisms are the same for them all, I am not sure. When I am hit I feel pain, and when a robot is hit it tries hard not to experience that again. It can learn it. But till now it can't love its fellow robots but I can love my friends. They tend to group together though - but this can be programmed by some means. I can't say that they will feel some day. But I can't be sure about the opposite too.

The main point is that we are self-developing..robots are not. I mean that we can choose to do as many things as we can. A robot has some aims...just to fulfil its instincts. This reminds me of some animals. The breakthrough will really be seen when we can make the robot's brain - “control device” highly complex so that a thinking algorithm may be devised.

El3en Elsehrya said...

"Winners related to some social class", I am not sure if I agree on this, lots of leaders came from poor families and I am not sure even that I agree with the simplified prespective that History is shaped by struggle of social classes, generally , It is hard to relate something of the magnitude of history to one single factor..!!!!!!
Anyway, this is not the topic , we are not to debate Marx or Engels "THEORIES" .

The point I want to emphasize is, feeling which is basically a perception of sensation, which is the outside information is not EMOTIONS, u can make the machine feel by providing sensors, I am talking about Pain, Anger, Joy, Irrationality.

Finally, thinking algorithm is already utilised in decision making in lots of places worldwide but it is a brain , it is not a MIND.

Boring Lips said...

There are poor social classes as well. OK drop Marx and Engels although I believe that social class is the resource for all that follows.

Decision making is actually utilised world-wide that's true. But by a thinking algorithm I mean an algorithm that provides the potential for self-developing. An algorithm that allows a machine to interpret what happens so it then chooses what to do as we choose.

Emotions are not as the same as feelings and that's what I meant. Feelings can be sensored but emotions are formulated differently in different human beings. Emotions are contended with human's physical and biological aspects, life experience and social circumstances. But we are not the only kind that has emotions. Dogs have emotions..some of them stop eating till it dies when it treated badly.

The core is what you mentioned later. The Body versus the Mind. But what sets them apart? If there is no brain there is no mind. And if you consider the issue of thoughts that live after its "owner" death. I can say that these thoughts are typically transfered from a brain to another. If thoughts are the Mind. Then the universe is in our minds. We learn using our abilities which are presented in our biology from the outside world then we transform these materials into abstract refereneces we can understand.

My view - actually not mine but that one I believe in - is that biology is kind of natural engineering. Every device has its function..every limb is present for a task and maybe more than one task. Machines also consist of devices although not biological ones. The crucial difference up till now is that machines are not self-developing.

If we assume that god creates us along side with different creaures. Then we create machines with pre-set instincts and those machines learn how to fulfil their instincts. The earth didn't welcome us the human race first. So why should we assume that we have to get those machines intelligent at first.