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Thursday, December 29, 2005

U.S.A. "United States of Arabia"

I guess it might be an interesting idea, I think it is a dream idea. I thought about writing a novel about a leader who unites the arab coutries using all available means to do so in a kind of mix between fanatsy "The Macchiavilli idea in The Prince" and history in "George Washington example and the United States".
I believe that this dream is shared by many many Arabs, everybody in his own way, some people will symbolise "Salah El Deen" as a leader that we need a replica of him and those typically are the ones who dream about a religously based reforms. Others would remeber "Nasser" as an Arab leader - I strongly disagree with them, however this means that the idea is shared and common.

Then I woke up and got the news of the new Government in Egypt and now I would like to Name it, United states of Mubarakia , after Mubarak family ruling, and u know what it is not new to our region, we have Saudi Arabia after King Soued.

That is all for today.....