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Thursday, December 29, 2005

U.S.A. "United States of Arabia"

I guess it might be an interesting idea, I think it is a dream idea. I thought about writing a novel about a leader who unites the arab coutries using all available means to do so in a kind of mix between fanatsy "The Macchiavilli idea in The Prince" and history in "George Washington example and the United States".
I believe that this dream is shared by many many Arabs, everybody in his own way, some people will symbolise "Salah El Deen" as a leader that we need a replica of him and those typically are the ones who dream about a religously based reforms. Others would remeber "Nasser" as an Arab leader - I strongly disagree with them, however this means that the idea is shared and common.

Then I woke up and got the news of the new Government in Egypt and now I would like to Name it, United states of Mubarakia , after Mubarak family ruling, and u know what it is not new to our region, we have Saudi Arabia after King Soued.

That is all for today.....


Anonymous said...

You still don't get it..The American people have very little impact into the morons that run our government which I imagine is no different then what impact you egyptians have on your own government. You think I want my tax dollars going to Egypt or Israel?? As far as Hammas goes, the American people will NEVER support suicide bombers..Do you understand the word NEVER??

El3en Elsehrya said...

Well, fair enought, but I have some questions for you.
1- Isn't this government that apparently u do not like is the same government who won 2 successive periods in office ?

2- How come u speak for the whole American People ?, How come u r that certain ? Also, why are u only concerned about suicide bombers and Americans are supporting the governments and policies that lead to the growth of what do call "terrorists", and u are not concerned about this at all ?

And as far as the tax money going to Egypt/Israel , u know that this mony is peanuts, U are building a bridge to no where in Alaska that would cost much more, besides the benefits returning to the US from that money is multiplied by Hundreds.

I do not want you to freak out, I want you to calm down, I am not asking the US government to support suicide bombers, I am just asking howcome they are not supporting Democracy, while they sold Democracy to voters as thier project in the middle east.

Finally, What is the meaning of "Never" , there is nothing called "Never" in politics