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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What Happened in Egypt ?....II

How the change in the quality of Egyptian people happened?

To answer this question, we may recall the 3 main components of any human being, Mind, Soul and Body.

The mind is the store of data, information and science with components of experience, this is usually built and fed on education in schools and anything that might fill that position "Kottab" in early days, and the mind learns how even to think and deal with the threads of data he gets and its content reflects how good is the education system as a whole.

The soul is the store of values which you get from religions, traditions, social norms and family.

The body quality represents the health status which is a function of atmosphere, nutrition , health care and generally speaking it reflects the quality of life.

Our system destroyed the educational system, -I believe on-purpose- destroying the content of the mind. Soul is destroyed by absence of values, improper religious education and by the massive frustration in everybody's life. Finally, the body is destroyed by pollution, lack of health care and from low quality of living standards.

If we consider the quality of human as a quality of a product , what do u think then about the quality of the Egyptian human product and any other coutry's product.

When this quality improves, which unfortunately might happen in future generation only with no hope to change the current ones, only then might there be a hope.

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