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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Long time, No see

Here I go again..!!! last 6 weeks were really hectic and I got disconnected from the blog.
But we got to see what is going on on Egypt, really nothing, probably the most interesting event over the scene would be Mortada Mansour dramatic behaviour.
It is really surprising that some people still believe that this man is a real defender of integerity, How come would we ignore his non-civilized and barbaric style? How come could we accept somebody to spoil a sport event and bring his own cup to give to his players cause simply he does not believe in the rules of somebody else? How come more than 12000 people elected this man to be the President of one of the two big sport institution in the whole nation?

You know, I am not really interested in the person or his acts, which are clearly outragous and if anyabody cannot see that would be blind. I am interested in my original question "What happened in Egypt?".

The absence, so far, of any kind of punitive or disciplinary actions against this man is a clear evidence of how corrupt is the whole system. Also the presence of good proportion of people who still think that this man is an honest or a qualified man to hold any responsibilty or position is another clear representation to how messed-up the Egyptian mentality is.

That is why the next election would not come up with any change, it is simply a re-distribution of the cake, may be this time the Moslem Brothers would take a bigger share which is again an indication of their actual intentions and interests which is only in Power not in change.

The real problem cannot be addressed without addressing How would we improve the quality of the Egyptian citizen so he can pick for himself, this is a serious issue and needs a lot of time and effort to achieve.

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