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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Peaceful Explosion I

In our civilised world there are many values, however, we are still uncertain of one of them, it is Man's life. Michael Servetus puts it so "to kill a man is not to defend a doctrine, but to kill a man.” In a world echoing truths of humanity still Man is not an answer. We are still divided as to unfold hierarchies. Man's value is pre-conceived dependent upon his origins. Let the global funerals blacken the world for the death of an American or European soul, Let the reasons be derived about those hundreds or maybe thousands of Arab dead bodies, have they done anything wrong led to their death?!

There is a war taking place in Lebanon, or following an old fashion in the Arab world. It goes without saying that there are many smart perspectives: a) the war is between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas, b) the war is between Israel and Lebanon and c) the war is between Israel and the Arab world. Whatever perspective you take there are many Lebanese and a few Israeli dying! Here we are concerned with the first perspective only, the other two perspective will be the subjects of other posts.

The first perspective is mainly Western's but it is still taken up by the most of wise Arab rulers. Following the dominant trend, Hezbollah is a terrorist Islamic fundamentalist organisation. Here we have two parts. The first is terrorism and the second is Islamic fundamentalism. Hezbollah claims it has captured the two Israeli soldiers as internees to interchange them with its own Lebanese internees in the Israeli prisons. Many of these Lebanese internees have been in the Israeli prisons for nearly twenty-six years. This cannot be considered terrorism for very simple reasons: a) Israel occupies the Lebanese Shebaa Farms and b) there is no peace treaty between Lebanon and Israel. In war this is not terrorism. The US occupies Iraq, no terrorism. Hezbollah fights for rights, this is terrorism. Maybe intentions are ruling the world. The American goal of occupying Iraq is a good one, then occupation is good! Quoting Albert Einstein it goes "you cannot prevent and prepare for war at the same time.”

There is something missing, one cannot talk about Israel and neglect fundamentalism. For those who forget Israel is a country in which every aspect of life is based around religion, even nationality. The West neglects that Israel doesn't provide citizenship for non-Jewish people - so civilised democratic non-religious based fashion. The fight is between two religious fundamentalist entities, however, the world keeps a blind eye. But why we should bother now, France and the UK which work hard to prevent Iran from getting nuclear technologies are the very same which remarkably and secretly aided Israel to build its nuclear weapons. No country has precise information about the Israeli nuclear weapons! However, Israel gets a lot of prises for that. Ferment France and the UK are exploiting every means to prevent nuclear weapons from spreading, they seek to make the world a better peaceful place. However, their methods are really selective. They make the world a better place by providing an outlaw country, which refuses to ratify or co-operate in any work done by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), with nuclear weapons. Israel is not Pakistan, which was considered a terrorist country until the US could make good relationships with it to use it for the American good. Israel is basically the West's best friend, at least for the West. The US, officially, refuses any attempt to encourage Israel to cease fire as it hopes the war would result in disarming Hezbollah. Put it plainly, the US encourages Israel to kill Lebanese people to disarm Hezbollah. But why? Good question, cruel answer. This encouragement is to allow Israel to kill more people at will. Implant a thorn in a body filled with oil, buy the dictator mind and you get the oil plus an open market - the rotten body needs medicine. It is known that Bush has strong relationships with energy companies. The interesting part is that terrorism has never been given a definition on the international political level. The reason is simple; terrorism is customised on every occasion to fit the West's needs. This is our dirty world. Devils dance in angels' way.

If the war targets Hezbollah then what about these dead Lebanese, they are many by the way? What about destroying the Lebanese infrastructure? What about terrifying the Lebanese people? What about the Lebanese children who saw the burnt bodies of their parents? Who is responsible for the future dark memories of these children? For two Israeli internees who Israel portrayed as kidnapped soldiers it blasts Lebanon then it calls what it is doing war against terrorism! Terrorism is to take an innocent life and in our case the innocent life is Lebanese.

Terrorism is to slain every mind who attempts to look at history. How in a civilised world knowledge becomes so proprietary! Israel claims holocaust, anyone else goes the opposite direction is trailed and most probably jailed! Despite of correctness or incorrectness, it remains terrorism when some country or person monopolies the truth.

One question left unanswered, what is the value of non-Westerns and those who don’t help the West? Ask the civilised West! It is all about interest. Bring me advantages you become so precious – for the moment – otherwise, you become so despised.

“Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity” – Author unknown

To be continued.....

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El3en Elsehrya said...

Yes, absolutely dirty world, but we have to stop crying and to start doing something, they kick our butts because we can not defend it.

To tell you the truth , it is our problem not their problem. The ideal world is only in Utopia, the morals and values are only tools to be customed and used upon demand.

The west is playing for his interest, Israel is playing for its interests, Can we blame them ? !!!

We, we do not even who are we ?, we are such a weak, helpless, hopeless, depressed, dying body....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!