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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Who is Against Who? II

There is no way that anybody can not be touched and deeply hurt by what is happening to Lebanon now, the Lebanese people are paying the price , probably a price for something that they never bought or never will know what is it for.
Again, this whole Israeli/Hezbollah war is another example of the extent of confusion and uncertainty in the political theatre which is intended to further divide the body that is called Arab’s more and more.
The Shiite/Sunni conflict is in its highest summit now to the point that Saudi Mufti is condemning sympathy with Hezbollah. If we remember shortly before his death, Al-Zarqawi called Hezbollah a strap that is protecting Israel from the Sunni’s. The Egyptian government accused Hezbollah of being the initiator in this conflict by kidnapping the 2 soldiers.
On the other hand, Lebanon is being squashed by Israeli forces claiming military revenge from Hezbollah, among those war operations, people are being in a swing day to day between feeling of sympathy and anger from the massacres against Lebanese people and the support and hope when they hear a victory of Hezbollah.
Hezbollah himself is standing against the Israeli attack with extreme amount of powerfulness and self-confidence, this stand is gaining Hezbollah an increased popularity and support.

But, I have some un-answered questions:
  1. Why did Israel decide to respond brutally against an offense that is totally out of proportion to the Israeli response, it looks to me as if Israel was waiting for this to happen to justify the attacks?
  2. What Israel is going to gain from those attacks, does Israel think that they will be able to squash Hezbollah? I doubt it.
  3. Why does the Egyptian government and Egyptian media give mixed messages: The official response of the government does not seem to be sympathetic with Hezbollah, while newspaper on daily basis increase the heat among people against Israel “Which is the right thing to do”, but it is hard to imagine that our Journalism is so independent from the government to the point that it follow a stream not approved by the regime
  4. Is there any role to Syria and Iran in this war, are they pushing Hezbollah against Israel at this particular time to relief the pressure on both states from the USA.

Finally, I think that Lebanese people as the rest of Arab people are only audience in the roman political theatre;but they are a new type of audience; not only they pay the price of the play while some one else is moving all the actors and gaining all the benefit, but also they may be a victim to the Lions in the same roman theatre for the amusement of other audience.

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raghoooda said...

i'm not against or condemning what HezbAllahdoing coz it's the only dignified reaction & they're not a reason for any disaster coz it's inevitably coming by Israelis whether the reason is HezbAllah or even a lebanese kid who step over the shadow of Israeli person,they would attack lebanon anyways as we all know it's planned at least 2 years ago.
What should we do here is how to support Lebanon in a realy way, not by songs passive demonstartions.