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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finkelstien ... in the ugliness of ignorance.

For people who, after his talk with Fouda, say things like "Finkelstien is ignorant" this is ignorance. "Finkelstein is stupid" this is stupidity, "Finkelstein is jew" this is racism If you just read his writings or listen to his speeches or lectures you will find that what he did for Palestine in the last 10 or more years is more than most what people have done.

We have to stop being ignorant and add to world knowledge in order to be anything at all. 25th of January Revolution wouldn't stop us from forming a nice a herd after all but it was a chance for us to do so. We are keeping going farther away however at distant steady steps.

Check his almost two hours lecture about Palestine and the fake causes of the Zionist body called Israel, A Question of Justice


Entrümpelung wien said...

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