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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Salute the Giants

وقفة القضاة 25 مايو 2006 احتجاجا على إعاقة الحكومة لقانون جديد للسلطة القضائية يكفل استقلالها

المزيد عن وقفة القضاة…


johny bravo said...

who is the giant?
excuse my ignorance ,but i'm no more updated to wht's happening now due to mywork.I knew about Alex's thg few days later from my sis.

El3en Elsehrya said...

The GIANTS are our honourable JUDGES.
The group of judges that stood alone and are stil standing alone now infront of this regime.
Those judges that - unexpectedly- stood and said their word when nobody else did.
The goverment are trying to impose a disciplinary board to 2 of the very elite high ranking judges
1-Mohamed MoeKky
2-Hisham bastaweesy
Thy both serve as vice chairman for the court of cessation "Mahkamet Al Naqd".
They criticised the process of election and question its integrity, so the government is oaying back at them in revenge.
All the judges are standing behind them and it is a big conflict between a dying regime and honourable men.
We all should stand behind those men who might change all the planned action to transfer presidency to G. Mubarak.
The pictures are for " Zakareya Abdel Aziz" the chairman of the Judges club.
The other picture portray group of high ranking judges.

For further information you might want to see.

نيمو السمكة said...

ألف تحية ليهم رافعين راسى و الله فى الغربة

تحية ليهم و لكل الشرفاء

كلمة على الهامش بعيدا عن الموضوع

شكرا لتعليقك الجميل فى مدونة ابو اليل أنا ما حبتشى ارد هناك عشان ما ازهقشى ابو اليل منى و كتر خيره انه لسه مستحملنى

أنا فعلا يا دوبك ادخل أعلق و خلاص و صدقنى لو لقيت وقت ان شاء الله هأعمل مدونة و اسيبلك خبر ان شاء الله

تحية من القلب

johny bravo said...

Im relly impressed by what u told me.It's really bad how am i that ignorant of wht's happening in my country. I feel ashamed actually as if i'm alien.
But I'm really motivated to do something.If there's anything I can do really to support in that action.please tell me the options of being a human who listens,watches & reacts properly. Thanks for enlightening me.Would you please always write on such usefyl things.I will consider you one of my presious resources from now on:)

El3en Elsehrya said...

Thanks man, but you should keep saying whatever you want whenever u want wherever u want.

I am flattered, well, I am not at the level to be your source, I am just a guy who lives away so I follow every single piece of information about my country.
When I was in Egypt , i did not care that much, I gues u realize the values of things only when they are away.
I do not know for sure what to advice u to do, but if you can only spread the awareness of those events that would be great.
Finally, thank you for your nice comments anf your concern.