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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Burn it, so he can stay….!!!

Are we going to burn Egypt??
Are we going to separate into two camps, one with a crescent and one with a cross?
Are we to discard our Egyptian Identity?
Is it going to be “Formerly known as Egypt”?
Are we going to separate Egypt into a Wahabi Saudi colony and US colony?

And, for what and for whom? For the father and the son?
For those who want it burnt so nobody else could stay or rule.

I am not denying the presence of a problem, there is a problem but will it be Iraq again in Egypt?
Moslems should all declare condolence to the death of the Coptic brother and should widely and openly condemn the attacks.
Christians should hold on to some rationality and not to follow the radicalist voices from within.
There are lots of doubts between the two religions in Egypt now, this burning ash underneath the scene is dangerous and we have to address it frankly and loudly.
Yes, Copts were not given the same rights as Moslems in certain situations, which make them, feel bitter, this policy that was invented by Nasser is another ridiculous policy and should stop right now.
But, at the same time Moslems think that Copts are using the current worldwide circumstances to arm-twist the government, even asking interference from foreign countries like the US and this puts them in a position of questionable loyalty, which is not true.

We need the rational voices in both camps, and in fact I feel ridiculous by describing them as two camps. It is one camp, the Egyptian Camp.


Anonymous said...

Are you freakin dumb or just an asshole?!?! The muslims treat and have been treating Christians in Egypt like dirt for decades. Now the world gets to see what islam is all about in the way dirty muslims are acting throughout the world! This whole idea that Christians should "get over it" is why countries that are majority muslim will never get into modern times. Islam is not a religion of tolerance, peace, or love and never will be, it is a brain washing that promotes murdering anyone that challenges the messed up thinking of a backwards "religion"!

Boring Lips said...

Great! I am amazed really! such a thoughtful and intellectual comment.
But let me ask you some questions. How have you known about Islam and Muslims? How have you known the kind of relationship among Muslims and Christians in Egypt?

Can you tell me more about how this relationship was before 1950s?

How could you foresee the future?!. I think you have your very own special abilities. How could you say that all countries which are majority Musilims will not find a place in the 'modern' world? what do you mean by modern.. maybe no maybe industrial.. or maybe nothing at all!

I think you forgot to capitalise 'M' in 'musilms', anyway, you did exactly the opposite in each 'Christian' word.

I think an idea or a cult cannot be criticised for its very recent and also relatively few adherents or believers.

Also, if you intend to 'spit at' an idea such as religion you have to investigate religion on the whole, as a way of thinking. It is not very smart to tell "this is a bad religion and this is a good one".

Let's go somehow further smart guy. What do tolerance, peace, love mean? And how can their meanings compared to these meanings correspondents? Can you give me some examples, because I really cannot follow your highly impressive sophisticated thinking? Finally, what did you mean by brain washing?

Yes, there are problems between Muslims and Chrisians in Egypt. But it is not exactly of the sort you mentioned. I will try to write about thit later.

anyhow, thanks for your very polite comment.

By the way, I am not Muslim!!!! Am I still an asshole? Or is it an arsehole to be original?

El3en Elsehrya said...

Thank U Boring Lips.
Anon. is angry. I am just interested in the brain washing thing.
I wonder who exactly is brain washed. Is it me the asshole or is it him the fortune teller, Future knower.
Finally, i do not wanna turn it personal , he represents existing ideas upon which , increased temperature of the already existing heat will rise.
Unfortunately, those concepts are common and are fed by multiple motives either based on direct personal interests or ignorance or both.

Anonymous said...

I personally think that religion is a personal belief that has nothing to do with anything. People should be treated as humans and not as anything else, whether it is race or religion. I think the world has developed enough to know that. The fact that Christians and Muslims still have differences is pathetic. Although Egypt is an Islamic country, i think it has become more open to the idea of unity; however, past differences still haunt both sides making them to believe that the country takes sides. Not only Christians, but also Muslims should get over the past and start adapting to development. Islam orders respect to all religions of God, and that’s final; what is all the fuss about? I think that fighting between both religions such as the conflict that happened in Alexandria is a sign of lack of civilization and lack of development. It isn’t the government’s fault but the people are the ones to blame. In the US, none of this occurs, all kinds of religions are present and this causes no frustration between people. They live in harmony. I think that people should mind their own business and care about their faith rather than caring about others' beliefs. It’s God who will decide at the end who is good and bad and so each person have their own objectives based on their beliefs, as long as this doesn’t harm other human beings. And this seriously goes for both religions. Islam isn’t the problem, I mean, yes there are some extremists, but the majority doesn’t usually cause problems. The way I see it, Christians usually form closed circles and are usually more comfortable when they are in unity, not that it’s a bad thing, but they should assimilate more with Egyptians in general. I personally have no problem with dealing with people with any religion even if they’re Atheists, and I think they should be given the same rights no matter what.