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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sisyphus and the definition of MADNESS

Are we all Sisyphus ?

Madness : When you keep doing the same thing and expect a difference in outcome or expect a change ..............!!!!!!!!!


Boring Lips said...

Isn't it madness that makes our way :)
I mean I believe that quanity eventually influences quality. If we keep doing the same thing, there will be a change for sure...We will change into more dump dull 'things' and that we want to change will become stronger so that we the dump cannot ever change it. Maybe if there is any minor portion of reasoning in what we do for change, then, there will be a change but in the 'longest' run.

It is madness so that we try to change it, but it is also our madness that pull it all together eliminating any sort of the change we need.

I noticed that my comment is much longer than the post. This proves your thinking to be very solid, my friend.

Keep up.

El3en Elsehrya said...

Well, my friend, quantity and quality are inter-related, in fact as per Phythagoras, differneces in qualities are differences in fact in quantities, which proved to be right if u take every element to the molecule level.
Differences between elements are actually differneces in the numbers of electrons and Protons.
This is not the issue that I am trying to throw the light upon.

I was in fact trying to symbolize our current political activities that have not changes for 40 years, Protests, forming lousy parties, etc...
We need some new ideas, some new dynamics, otherwise we will keep doing the same sysphean task over and over again.
This is what I exactly meant by Madness.

There is another layer to the madness as per sisyphus job, which is the interminable pointless life as viewsd by some philosphers, and I am sure u know that Albert Camus commited suicide based on his belief that we are all in a sisyphean task that will never end and he decided to be brave enough and to break this task.
Concerning this point, I am not really a believer of this and I have in fact a very different view on why do we live. But u know that the beauty of those examples that they can be interprested by very different views and everyone interprets them based on his own values.
I was just trying to see how people would percieve it but nobody left a comment so I decided to explain.