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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Killings....What for?

I just want to know why ?
I just cannot understand. Terrorists...? The government itself to cover for everything going on now, Judges, the ferry tragedy, reforms......?
I guess Logically , it is difficult to believe that the government is ready for those attacks but, who knows ?
Anyway, I think it is more than enough for this regime....... It proves day after day how weak and inefficient it is. It is totally disconnected from its people.
Whether this regime is just as surprised as we are or is behind -or at least knew about- the attacks ?!!!! It does not matter, he is responsible both way.
Responsible for failure of our protection, responsible for generating hate, responsible for the blood of all those victims.
The regime is failing, those are the ending days, I do not know why I particularly remember now Cairo Fire in 1952....!!!!!!!!!

All what can I say: God Help us......But God will not help us unless we help ourselves....

Written By El3en Elsehrya

What reason(s) may be behind Dahab bombings? Who did them? What will be the outcomes? Well...why did some Egyptians demonstrate against what happened? What are their motives? Who gathered them? I think we can find answers to these questions if we only trace the bombings' benefits.....and impairments.
Who do you think did that? and for what? Is it somehow related to the newest Bin Laden video tape? Do the bombings have anything to do with the current regime? How? Are they beneficial or harming to any other regimes? Why?

There is another thing that we have to bear in mind,

7th of October in Taba, 2004 attacks,
7th of April and 30th of April, 2005 attacks in Cairo, 23rd of July, 2005 in Sharm el-Sheikh,
24th of Apirl, 2006 attacks in Dahab.

Taba bombings were a day after celebrating the victory of October the 6th and Dahab's were a day before celebrating the end of the Isreali encroachment in Sinai and just in the day of Sham el-Neseem, a national holiday in Egypt.
All classified as suicide bombings. Three attacks took place in Sinai and those which took place in Cairo were in Khan al-Khalili, El-Tahreer and the Citidal.

Are these bombings related? Is there a sort of timetable? Do the attackers belong to the same organisation? If not, are they motivated by the same organisation? Or there are more than one organisation involved and they use each other?

Asked about Dahab bombings the Israeli ambassador in Cairo said that there had been repeated warning from the Israeli government against visiting Sinai, where Israelis have been targeted in the past, following it saying "Unfortunately, the warnings became true". What does that mean? And what is that he was referring to?

26th of july, 2005, two days after Dahab bombings, two persons classified as suicide bombers struck a military base in Sinia belongs to the multi-national peacekeeping forces. Is that a new kind of attacks? What does it mean? Who should be blamed and for what?

Help me answering these questions. Just tell me what do you think.

Written by Boring Lips


This post was originally written and posted by El3en Elsehrya with the name Why?Why......?


abu elleil said...

عزيزي العين السحرية
معاك في أن الجميع يتحملون مسئولية ما تجاه هذا العمل البشع
بس ما اعتقدش الحكومة ممكن تعمل حاجة زي دي عشان تغطي على مذبحة القضاة

تحياتي لك

El3en Elsehrya said...

Abu Elleil,
Thank you for your comment.
May be u r right. the government is too weak to tolerate such an event, but the call for re-instituting the emergency law is very recent and this automatically support the cal.
I am just too confused to understand and I was a bit emotional when I wrote the post, but logically u r right.
May be what is all happening is a sign of very weak and dying regime that started to lose control overthings amidest his own agenda of transmitting the power.

johny bravo said...

El 3en El sehreya,
Please try to visit the following blog:
Specifically read Bombing on dahab issue,,I really need to hear your view on that issue since discussion is really hot on that post & so controversial.Tell me when you post there