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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beyond the Lies of Freedom

For Al Zoumer, who heavily participated in assassination of president Al Sadat, to meet with the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) after a few days since he has been released from jail, whilst it took SCAF more than three weeks to meet up with opposition symbols, for him to support Al Beshri, who is known for his Islamic visionary, with the very discriminating constitutional amendments, to pick up Hegazi who belongs to Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and Hassaan who belongs to the Salafi school of thought to calm things down in Sol dismissing moderate Islamic symbols from Al Azhar, and to find that SCAF, MB and Al Zoumer having the same vision about rushing the elections, especially the parliamentary elections which will lead to unrepresentative parliament, mean they work in harmony. This harmony is against all the principles of equality, freedom and transitional power of our revolution. 

They are rushing fake amendments to a regime that is already torn down because this is the only way each of them can have the most of influence in respect to their political weights. SCAF wants the army to keep a third arm in controlling politics. MB want to have the most political influence by any means after the revolution has shown their true size. Pro-salafi people want to hold the country in a state of medieval values and they can't declare openly after how they supported the falling regime of Mubarak.

Summing this up with how SCAF together with the Attorney General are leaving leaders of Mubarak's regime operating freely and leaving State's Security Service with blood on their hands until only people broke out their inviolability, whilst they are the major threat for revolution, all gives a grand scheme of what is taking place. The collection posts the following tendencies regardless of hopes: military rule, conspiracy, assassination, religious state and selective justice. 

This must stop in a way or another because our freedom, values and security are lying beyond their lies.

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