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Friday, May 05, 2006

Snapshots from CIVILIZED places

1-A huge campaign is held to save endangered species of animals and at the time they isolate aboriginal “native Americans” from the community so that they eventually disappear .I guess may be there is no endangered species of HUMANS..!!

2-When u can insult the prophets as much as you want but you can not say a word on Gays or even prostitutes, oops sorry "Sex Trade Workers", the "politically correct" word....................

3-A hurricane kills thousands of African Americans in New Orleans , then a white protest rise to save New Orleans pets "yes , pets...animals" , and no word on African Americans “HUMANS…!!!!!” , and when you ask, then the answer “New Orleans was the armpit of America, it is good that is has been washed….!!!!!” . May be African Americans are not yet animals ....!!????

4-A man gets sick, then his family decides “Not him..!!, No autonomy..!!” that if he is not going to get full recovery "he is totally independent and does not need any help of any kind" then it is better to “withdraw care” meaning “let him die”.............

5-Another guy gets sick “will die within few weeks” then his family and children refuse to take him back home cause they can not serve him; “They do not have time or effort ..!!!!!”

Viva civilization...!!!!!!


johny bravo said...

real snapshots of a shoking reality we live at but know little has nothing to do with countries as much as it has with natures of humans & above all politics.
Viva civilization

Lago Di Como said...

The values of the "modern civilized world" are really ironic. but aren't we all living & practicing those terms of civilization?!!!!!!
unfortunately, only powerful parties set the rules of the game.

Boring Lips said...

I guess this is civilisation nowadays! Kidding for sure. There are useful humans and useless humans. Humans with value and humans without. Also, there are civilised humans and there are barbarian humans. The civilised don't like the barbarians.

Bullshit....Viva Civilisation!