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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Test

Well, the game isn’t a game anymore , it became now dangerous and serious business.
Blogging can be a crime now, and we might get accused of insulting the President.
Jail is a potential consequence, and the reactions have been different and contradicting.

Some were furious and resented the country and the people who failed to protect them and to prevent them from arrest.
Some were afraid and are at loss don't know what to do? yes, it is pretty scary and the ugly face of the regime has emerged clear.
Some are more determined to their cause now and decided to go all the way to the end.

Personally I feel I am under lesser pressure cause I blog from the US or Canada, so I am a bit sheltered but what would happen when I come back, do they know me?
Then I started to look back on what I wrote before? Oh, it is pretty bad.

So, the question now is “What are we prepared to do?”
Everybody has to ask himself this question and to be clear with self, of course what would happen to all the bloggers in the near future will give us some clue but if something bad happen to them, is it the end? Was it all a game played by some naive kids?
I do not know what others think, but I personally think that blogging is self-limited by internet users who know about it which on the widest extent is still very limited.
And, most of the bloggers are already from those with active contribution to the political and societal scene.
The regime has been able to control this sector for quite some time now starting even from the 60’s and the tactics were all the same, arrest, threatening, abduction for unknown periods of time.
So, based on that, there will be little support from any pressure group on the government when something wrong happens to a blogger, in fact he will be lucky if anybody even hear about him.

The only way to overcome this is to make blogging stronger, and to continue on the route, and to raise your voice more.
The state of relative silence and the cautious anticipation that prevails in the blogging sphere now is exactly what the regime wants.


What are we prepared to do?

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Boring Lips said...

Well, this time I am neither going to wait for others to comment first nor comment explaining my view. I Just want to say I like your post.

Give me more, my friend.

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