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Thursday, May 04, 2006


If A is black and B is white, which is the opposite of which?


El3en Elsehrya said...

Whiteness is complete absence of Blackness.
Blackness is complete absence of whiteness.

Who said that one is opposite the other.
It is like cold being the absence of heat but even the black and white are not close to that example , they are merely colors that may not be opposite at all.

Boring Lips said...

Well, so what about heaven and hell? Or darkness and light?

black is a mixture of colours and white is another mix. This is colours as we make them. But white light has all of the other colours of light, black is the absence of light.

El3en Elsehrya said...

do u really want to apply the rules of physics in nature to something that does not exist in our nature. The nature that humans experienced and was able to see and tell.
Besides, I think Heaven symbolises all the joys that our brain can enjoy and Hell symbolises all the pains that our soul can suffer.
In physics , extremes of both opposites produce pain and moderation of both are OK, again go back to cold/heat example, too much heat or too much cold is hurtful, but what about warm nice day in the winter or windy cold breathe in the summer.

Boring Lips said...

Yes they are all extremes, I totally agree with you. But I am wondering about one issue with two parts:
a) What opposition/contraddictions/contrast means to us. How do we understand it?
b) Is it useful to think about each of the two sides in isolation?

I think that darkness believes that light is her opposite and for light she thinks that darkness is the opposite. But what about a third party, me for example? which extreme is the opposite? I believe that I have to take care of the relation only, the relation between them. I think it means nothing to look at any of them in isolation. Because if they are separated from each other they both lose what they mean. I think they are two sides of the same coin. It is only the relation that holds true and it change if only one of the two parties changes or they both change - light is no more light or darkness is no more darkness or they both change to the degree that light doesn't think that darkness is her opposite.

So if there is a place that for some critical reason I have to dark. I am doing my best to prevent the light from reaching the place. In fact, I am using the realtion between them.

I think in general we can't understand things in isloation. We only isolate them to reach a prototype.

El3en Elsehrya said...

Opposition is a term descibing what we consider opposite.
So, it is a very non-specific term, as with lots of other impressions that we feel and decide to create.
Trying to define those terms is difficult and may be viewed differnetly by different people.

Off course, considering one of the sides of opposites alone is impossible, as some of those what we call opposites are meaningless without the presence of others.
If we were to live in all daylight with no darkness, the lightness phenomena itself may have not been existent, we noticed light because of its change, we generally do not notice things that remain constant.
And I would quote a famous saying here "The only constant phenomena in universe is change".
If we were to live in one temperature, probably the concept of Heat itself would not have been existent.

BUT, we have to be cautious in describing things as being opposites, because we sometimes mix things and describe them as opposites while they are not that is why I said in the begining that it is avery hazy fuzzy term.

Boring Lips said...

I think you are right. But I also think that although we have hazy definitions of opposition, oppositions really shapes our livings and thinking as well. It affects our priciples, morals and beliefs.

The most interesting part pops up when it comes to beliefs. They are so much affected by opposition and differences, yet people shall respect one another and bear these oppositions and differences. Many people find it very hard to really respect a person while challenging or even disagreeing with his/her views. These people always stick to isolation discarding the notion of respect as being the respect of the act of believing itself. Yes sometimes this act of believing is really destructive but I am not talking about extremes (destructive as threat to the human race for example - Nazism).

I just wanted to mention an example that I think it could be generalised to our livings and nature as well.