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Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Strange Smell

Do I smell the scent of a change, or am I just hallucinating?

Is what happens the beginning of the end, or am I just wishing?

Is this clash a dead-end clash, where the government can not step back and surrender to the requirements of judges, cause this can encourage other sectors of the state to take example and ask for more rights and eventually things might go out of hands, besides judges, if they are independent, they might rule out or cancel lots of the current notorious acts which will further tighten the hands of the government.
On the other hand, if the government remains stubborn and insist on oppressing this movement and insist on ignoring the fact that this is only the top of the iceberg then the end will definitely be violent.

We shall see what is going to happen in the near future, but again, for some reason, what is happening now reminds me with Egypt Pre-July 1952, Judges’ Club and Officers’ Club, Cairo fire and Dahab explosions, the burning ash under the surface that the government is in a state of denial to or may be too arrogant to admit.

We shall see….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures: Courtesy of Aljazeera and BBC


johny bravo said...

El3ien El se7reya,ur words worry me,I never noticed the boiling situation in Egypt recently.But why people around me are like me,why i don't have anyone talking about this except you?.Anyway,im just worried,what to become of us? if it will be by anymeans a change even for the worst or mess,i don't mind as I beleive oneday change will be for good.Burt wht if they supressed wht's happening like all the rest? i feel weak & offended in fact.I feel i'm armfolded and unable to do anythg.why everytime"they win it over"despite of the majority being against.Why majority doesn't rule in that case,why it's not a moving force? is it coz it's unaware unorganized majority or they are verywell palnned minority.I'm feeling bad bgad now.just a stupid weak human.

Boring Lips said...

I think it is boiling in Down Town. Every where else is just as cool as a dump jazz player.

But I think that will be a change or at least unstablities. Those unstablities may lead to some change in the future. But Raghood was right when she said that only "few" people know about what is going on. Not so many know about the sit-ins or demonstrations. Most people are living in the same old fashion while they keep damning the filthy regime. It is who we are!

Let's sit and see, on may, 25 the judges supporting sit-in is going to take place. Let's see what will it be. But I guess that we may better involve and see!

El3en Elsehrya said...

Well, let us bet, see whose feelings will turn out to be true..!!!!!!!!

El3en Elsehrya said...

Raghood , Boring lips,
I see your points, that those events did not achieve penetration into a large sector of the Egyptian people, but this is because of the media, How would people know or hear about those events ?
Those who are only interested and specifically look for the day-to-day events are those who only know.

I believe that the regime is counting on this point particularly and those harsh confrontaions with protestors are only to frighten them and to decrease the magnitude of the protests.
They want to abort the consolidation of different activists and also prevent those action from growing to the point of incorporating large number that , then, would be in-terminable.

How to overcome this, is by continuing to work, continuing to protest, there are lots of unbiased non-governement related media that can dissiminate the information and I think this is a big part of our job, BLOGGERS.

Boring Lips said...

El3en Elsehrya,

Well, you are surely right. I agree with you.

The regime is being so stubborn becuse it knows that it can't go back. It will lose an edge this way and it will never stop losing under public pressure. So the regime is being so violent to scare people so that they surrender to its terms. This is the harshest conforntation since Mubarak's ruling so it must be harshly suppressed or else the people will know that they have some rights and this would be the end of his ruling actually. Continuing what has began is the only protection for the activists but it will not take long untill they break. People must support them. And I believe that everyone of us can do something to help that. It will help even if we inform more people about what is going on; I can tell my friends and so on. It will help even better if we inform people then go down to the demonstrations ourselves...for some reasons, like being abroad, some people won't be able to do that. But still they can inform more people and try to convince them.

Change is coming sooner or later. But if it happens this time it will remain a ruling of an elite. This elite which is separated from normal people will continue this way. And the change will be another winning of some groups that partially serves the interests of people. People must involve in the confrontation to take part of the cake. I remember that you said sometime that "freedom has its price and this price is often coloured red" I totally agree about that. This is my main point...people need to rule themselves and to rule they must participate. No saviour in the scene I can behold! No figure that will help people while teaching them what awareness and rights mean. Power is so much like wine it is just so mouthwatering that a person will never stop drinking it. We don't have Nelson Mandela in Egypt. I believe most of them are good trained wolves. Tell me what if those people from 70's who involved or lead the confrontations between students and the government find their way to power. They will act like very trained belly dancer who loves the art of seduction!

I believe you get me, but I wanted to explain what I want to say.


I guess we will never do a thing while we believe that we are "weak persons". You got the hope so why don't you spread it within your circle? I guess it helps

Good luck both of you.

johny bravo said...

Boring lips,Yeah you reminded me of being active for sometimes.I will tell all my colleagues about what's happening of the judges issue.I'm following thgs now & even asking my sisters for any updates,they wonder my interest since it's been long time since I cared abt any thg happening in Egypt,they said manythg used to happen & I neither knew nor was interested to.Thanks for reminding me of the hope again:)
El3ien ElSehreya:I hope the feelings go for positive change is the one to win.